A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

Example: Work with XML documents

Demonstrates how to work with libXML2 library.
libXML2 functions are defined in lib/xml2.inc.v1

Note: You have to install libXML2 libraries. On Windows copy the 32-Bit DLL's from HERE into the home directory of V1 where v1.exe is located.

Read also libXML2 documentation: http://xmlsoft.org/html/

require_once ("lib/xml2.inc.v1");

// Parse XML file as array and dump it
xmlTree = array ();
parseXMLFile ("test.xml"xmlTree);
print_r (xmlTree);

// Parse XML string as array and dump it
xmlStr '
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<EXAMPLE version="1.0">
    <!--This is a comment.-->
        <X_ORDER_ID type="1">0000053535</X_ORDER_ID>

xmlTree = array ();
parseXMLString (xmlStrxmlTree);
print_r (xmlTree);

// Write XML
const MY_ENCODING "ISO-8859-1";

doc null;
buf xmlBufferCreate ();
writer xmlNewTextWriterMemory (buf0);
if (!
writer) {
    print (
"xmlNewTextWriterMemory failed.");
    exit (

xmlTextWriterStartDocument (writernullMY_ENCODINGnull);

xmlTextWriterWriteAttribute (writer"version",  "1.0");
xmlTextWriterStartElement (writer"EXAMPLE");
xmlTextWriterWriteComment (writer"This is a comment.");
xmlTextWriterStartElement (writer"HEADER");
xmlTextWriterWriteElement (writer"X_ORDER_ID"sprintf ("%010d"53535));
xmlTextWriterWriteElement (writer"CUSTOMER_ID",  "00100");
xmlTextWriterEndElement (writer); // Close <HEADER>
xmlTextWriterEndElement (writer); // Close <EXAMPLE>

xmlTextWriterEndDocument (writer);
xmlFreeTextWriter (writer);

// Save XML file
if (buf) {
str xmlBufferGetString (buf);
fwrite (fopen ("test.xml""w+"), str);
xmlBufferFree (buf);


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