Various updates (Version 2.0)

New features and PHP versions are branded here
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Various updates (Version 2.0)

Post by mwiede » Wed Mar 15, 2023 5:38 pm

The internal version 2.0 of WWebserver comes with the following new features:

- Optional Apache compatible log file format, see documentation or ... st-logging
- HTTP Keep alive connection enabled per default, that cause much more speed, see also cfg/speed.txt for optimization.
- Apache compatible <FilesMatch> directives are possible in .htaccess files.
- Basic HTTP header directives compatible with Apache mod_headers are possible in .htaccess files.
- Own windowTitle = xxx can be set in cfg/init.txt (only for Version PHP 8.2.2. and higher)
- FastCGI now support all HTTP headers.
- Let's Encrypt SSL certificates can be created with new utility, see documentation of ACME Client Utility

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