Howto setup a individual PHP version with WWebserver?

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Howto setup a individual PHP version with WWebserver?

Post by mwiede » Wed Mar 15, 2023 5:25 pm

Per default WWebserver comes with the buildin PHP version.
This is the fastest version of PHP!

Dont try to overwrite with other PHP DLL's in WWebserver installation directory.
That will cause errors, because of the DLL's are linked to WWebserver.

To setup another PHP version you should download the non thread safe Windows binaries from here:

Install it to a separate directory. Dont install it to the WWebserver directory!

Change the file cfg/cgi.txt in WWebserver directory.

Uncomment this line:

Code: Select all

# .php .php4 .php3;PHPBuildIn
Insert new line:

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.php;PHPFCGI "C:\php-8.2.4-nts-Win32-vs16-x64\php-cgi.exe"
Replace the path with the new PHP version you installed into the separate directory.

After that restart WWebserver.

You can also give a individual php.ini file argument in command line: php-cgi.exe -c <Path to ini file>

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